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Wild Farmlands' outdoor education and events advocate the benefits of natural sustainable farms and regenerative agriculture to local communities and the environment. Activities and events occasionally include guest speakers that are agronomists, wildlife experts, food experts, published ecosystem and green food authors and other specialists in the sustainable agriculture and ecosystem preservation communities.

On Farm EducationHelen Tarbet of the USDA Forest Service presenting native critters to a homeschooling group

If you represent a school, club, ministry or other group that would like to schedule an activity or event, please contact Shay: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-886-7919. 


Guided Farm Tours & Field Trips

School and youth group field trips are available for any type of school or youth group: home schooling groups, pre-schools, K-12 public schools, youth sports and recreation like soccer and karate, church youth groups and others.

In addition to tours and field trips intended for youth, we invite retirement communities, cultural, locavore, nature conservation and “foodie” groups, community and master gardener clubs and plant societies onto the Showcase Regenerative Farm to participate in our outdoor guided tours.

Every tour is tailored to age and group. We discuss contemporary topics related to ecosystem preservation, natural sustainable growing practices and innovations in small sustainable farming and ranching.

Guided Nature Hikes

We have springtime hikes that visit the frogs & critters of our vernal ponds, and fall hikes just before Halloween that introduce hikers to our native tarantulas. There are at least two Wild Tarantula Trails and two Wild Toad Trails hikes every year that are open to the general public. We also host as many private groups as time and nature permits. A minimum of 20 people (youth or adults) is required to schedule a private guided nature hike.


Volunteer Work days

Volunteer work days are always as much about learning as they are about appreciating where our food comes from. Every work day includes a relevant topic agreed to in advance of the day or general discussions about a variety of topics including regenerative agriculture, food systems, farm varmints, local wildlife and our oak woodlands ecosystem. A minimum of 5 volunteers are required to schedule a work day.

Ranch Events & Fundraisers

The Rockin' L7 Cattle Company opens up a calf round-up to the public at least once a year to have some fun, teach folks about how we raise grass-fed cattle naturally and talk about locally raised meat and food systems on the Central Coast.

In September, we share a traditional African meal with guests and rock out to marimba music at our annual African Dinner On The Ranch fundraiser. The event is held on the beautiful Restoration Oaks Ranch guest house lawn. After the meal, we discuss the importance of small farms & ranches to food production and economic growth in poor rural areas of Uganda. Proceeds from this event go to our friend and fellow small farmer Barnabas Mwesiga and his Migisha Farm in Uganda. 


There's lots going on at the Showcase Regenerative Farm.  We want to energize and motivate you and your kids in a way that traditional classrooms, Internet instruction or boardroom presentations cannot. Come on out to the farm, breathe in the fresh air and wild oak woodlands all around you and appreciate what we all have here.




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