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Winter rains transform dry vernal ponds into a wonderful display of natural regeneration. Seasonal ponds are essential breeding habitats of native amphibians, and an important part of the local foodchain. We are blessed to these ponds on the ranch. 

The wild toad hike and talk is open to people of all ages- but wild baby amphibians are for kids!! We will do our best to answer any and all questions about the wild oak woodlands, vernal ponds and awesome amphibious wildlife of Restoration Oaks Ranch.

Moms, you may also want to bring some hand santizer for after the hike. PLEASE don't hyper-wash or sanitize your kid's hands before the hike, what kills bacteria may also kill our little frog friends, they have very sensitive skin!!

Bring water, a shade hat and some comfortable walking shoes.  The hike will be no more than 2/3 mile on level ground. We will be talking about native California Toads and Pacific Tree Frogs, its habitat, courting, prey and predators. 

We will catch some toads and frogs, discuss them, then let them loose again. If we are lucky, we will see some predators working the ponds as well. Grab the kids and join us for a wonderful outdoor learning experience.



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The Showcase Regenerative Farm at Restoration Oaks Ranch
1980 US Highway 101, Gaviota CA 93117


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