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Wild Farmlands outdoor education and events advocate the benefits of natural sustainable farms and regenerative agriculture to local communities and the environment. Activities and events can include guest speakers that are agronomists, wildlife experts, food experts, published ecosystem and green food authors and other specialists in the sustainable agriculture and ecosystem preservation communities.

Programs focus on inspiring small natural sustainable farm advocacy among schools, youth and their families with fun on-farm events, educational tours, nature walks and other activities on local commercial farms and adjacent wilderness areas. 

On Farm EducationHelen Tarbet of the USDA Forest Service at Santa Barbara Blueberries 

Sign up for education and event activities by clicking here.  We will email offers to participate to the volunteer list first. If you represent a school, club, ministry or other group, please indicate so in the comments field, or contact Ed Seaman directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-868-0329. 


Field Trips For Schools and youth Groups

School and youth group field trips are available for any type of school or youth group: home schooling groups, pre-schools, K-12 public schools, youth sports and recreation like soccer and karate, church youth groups and others. 

Docent Tours For Retirees, Locavores, Plant Societies and More

Retirement communities, cultural, locavore, nature conservation and “foodie” groups, community and master gardener clubs and exotic plant societies are invited onto the farm to participate in tours that discuss wild farmlands ecosystem preservation, natural sustainable growing practices and innovations in small sustainable farming.

events and activities

Families and foodies from all over California are invited to participate in our events, held on farms and ranches on the Central Coast. Fresh produce, live stage entertainment, booths with fun activities, presentations and demonstrations by experts and innnovators in small sustainable farming and ecosystem preservation make for a wonderful time as we support our small farms.

Farm Tours, Nature Hikes, work days and Open-Field Discussions

Plant varieties and ecosystem preservation are key topics on every trip, and the groups discuss the local wildlife, including local bears, world-class raptors, lions, tarantulas and the battles between the honey bees and the yellow jackets. Discussions about the natural world take on more meaning when actually looking at a bee on a flower or a red-tailed hawk soaring overhead. 

Describing the various varieties of permanent and seasonal crops, other local flora and wildlife at different participating wilderness farms is interesting and refreshing. The tours typically occur during harvest seasons for individual farms, but farmers may receive off-season tours as well.

All of community education increases awareness and educates our communities about the special nature of our local farmlands. Outdoor education inspires and energizes the human spirit in a way that Internet instruction, traditional classroom instruction or boardroom presentations cannot.


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